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ABOUT US Flaircomm Microelectronics founded in 2008 focuses on high reliability 、low cost wireless communication products and complete solutions for telematics
About Us

        Flaircomm Microelectronics,Inc. is an innovative company focusing on developing high quality, high reliability and low-cost wireless communication modules, embedded software and turnkey system solutions for Automotive and M2M applications. Flairmicro’s registered capital is 50 Million Yuan, and is headquartered in Fuzhou, China, plus a R&D center in Shanghai and a sales office in Shenzhen. Our offerings are focused in before-market automotive applications, include Bluetooth/WiFi wireless communication modules, embedded software & middleware, and Telematics Control Units (TCU), etc. Flairmicro is the No. 1 Bluetooth/WiFi module supplier for this market in China.
        Introduced by Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Local Government as “Innovative Talents and Teams”, Flairmicro’s management team, with background from Lucent & Bell Research Lab, comes with years of experience in telecommunications technology research and product development. Accounting for 70% of the total staff, our R&D team is rich with experience and professional foundation in the fields of automotive electronics, wireless communication and Telematics applications. Flairmicro holds many patents in the area, both foreign and National Patents. Flairmicro also leads and undertakes the research of Project “Technical Research and Industrialization of Telematics Embedded System Platform”, which is one of the major Science & Technology projects undertaken by Fujian Provincial Government.
        Aimed at “High Quality, High Reliability and Low Cost”, Flairmicro provides high-quality products and efficient services to customers. Our TCU (Telematics Control Unit) products have been adopted by many famous OEM partners such as SAIC Motor, SVW, SGMW, Chery, JAC, etc., and Flairmicro has successfully become their qualified before-market Tier-1 supplier. Flairmicro also provides TCU products, wireless modules and embedded software for Tier-I before-market OEM partners such as Desay SV Auto, Clarion, Delphi, Fijitsu Ten, HSAE, Pioneer, etc. Flairmicro is a qualified supplier for before-market Tier-II partners and provide services for many OEM customers such as VolksWagen, GE, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Great Wall Motor, Changan Automobile, Chery, FAW, Soueast Motor, etc.
        With rapid development of Telecommunications and Telematics Technology, market demands will increase by leaps and bounds. Flairmicro is dedicated to designing and developing products and solutions that meets the market requirements and with greater overall competitiveness.


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